Project brief- Elijah Graham and Murderin' Joe Miller
"The project is to create two characters that would end up being one drawing for one card, but also individual cards. It'd be a custom Huckster (a type of magic user in Deadlands) with the ghost of a dead gunslinger he's bound to himself standing beside him.
Graham is a sorcerer (called a Huckster in Deadlands) from New Orleans. The date of the setting is 1884 in an alternate history of the west.
Graham's a grifter and power-hungry liar, not a fighter. The way I've been thinking about his outfit is if you took a modern-day high fashion outfit based on an old west aesthetic and turned it into something someone could actually have worn back then. He's lied and cheated his way into high society, so Graham's at the forefront of fashion for the era. He's charming and personable, but he's also the type of man who would pull another person's soul from hell and force it to do his bidding - Murderin' Joe Miller."
Feedback #1
"Graham should be rolling a silver coin through his right hand, held up at a little above shoulder height in a very casual manner. His elbow should be clear of the pistol so the ghost of Miller can easily reach under his arm to grab it."
Feedback #2
"I'm between #1 and #3 as my favourites. I really like the very casual nature of him leaned up against an invisible wall... I think #1 also has my favourite hand position with the coin of all of them. I also think I like the hand in the frock coat pockets a little more than tucked into the belt."
Feedback #3
Before   feedback                                                             After feedback
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